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Brand Content, Business Campaigns, and Social Media Management


If you’re part of an Indigenous-focused business, organization or project and need content creation or social media management for your marketing campaigns or company branding, connect with us to see how we can align your vision to an effective communications strategy.

Our Services

Brand Content Creation

Looking for help with creating assets for your brand? Need someone to cover an event? Looking for one off services like content strategy? We help create assets for you to use physically or digitally whether you need us to help distribute them or not.

Video equipment

Marketing Campaigns

Promote products or services through different types of media, such as TV, radio, print, online platforms, and other interactive techniques. We can help organize your campaign, create assets and manage it from beginning to end.

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Social Media Management

Need help with social media? Bring us on board for Social Media Management to create strategies that will increase followers, oversee social engagement, create original content, review analytics, and communicate with key stakeholders.

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1. Quick intro call

2. Strategy meeting + Proposal

3. We start work

4. Reporting + Revision

5. Monthly Monitoring

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As an employee and freelancer, Trisha Sadie North has worked alongside various teams, to organize events, create websites, strategize social media campaigns, launch programs, develop public speakers and more.

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